Summer Skin Care

Take Care of Your Skin


As much as we all look forward to the beginning of Summer it also brings on that feeling of dread at having to expose the skin that we’ve kept under wraps and neglected for much of the winter. Follow the tips to below, and you’ll have glowing healthy looking skin for your summer wedding.


You’re never going to get glowing, healthy looking skin if you don’t take the time to exfoliate. Getting rid of those dead skin cells to reveal smooth new skin beneath is a vital part of your Summer skin care. Invest in one of the many cosmetic scrubs that you use in the shower and then quite simply rub your body all over for sensational looking skin.

Hydrate the Body

Now’s the time to put away those thick body butters and invest in a light Summer scented lotion that puts the moisture back in your skin, quickly and easily so that you don’t have to hang about waiting for it to absorb. Try scents such as mango or coconut as they lend themselves to Summer.

Get a Safe Glow

There’s so many great false tanning lotions on the market today and it’s a far safer option than roasting yourself on the beach. Try one of the light body moisturisers that contain a hint of self tanning agent. They build up nicely over a couple of days giving a light golden glow, which looks as if you’ve spent the weekend away in the sun.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Summer is sandal time and your feet are cast into the limelight. Treat yourself to a pedicure or simply do your own one at home. Keep a file or scrub in the shower and rub them well every day, for baby smooth feet with no hard skin.

Invest in a Bold New Summer Polish

You can get away with a much bolder polish on your toes than your finger nails and it also tends to last longer. Buy a vibrant summer shade that will look great with lightly tanned legs.

Smooth Legs

Speaking of legs, if you’re going to shave your legs then invest in a decent razor and shaving lotion which will give a good shave and not leave your legs with burn or cuts.

Stay Protected

If you can, try and stay out of the sun from mid morning until about 4 pm which is when the sun is at its hottest. Always apply sun screen to your body 30 minutes before leaving home and use one with a minimum SPF of 15. You should also apply a sun protective balm to your lips as well.

Drink Lots of Water and Liquids

Finally, your body loses lots of moisture during the summer, so always keep a bottle of water handy with you. Not only will this replenish lost moisture but it will keep your skin looking clear and fresh too.


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