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Men can be just as vain as us women — so what? Everybody wants to look and feel their very best, especially on their wedding day, and considering the amount of photographs that will be taken throughout the course of the day, you both deserve to look immaculate!


If your man is the macho ‘I don’t do facials’ male or is just simply clueless when it comes to grooming, you may be stressing over how brushed up he’ll look on the big day. Don’t worry; here are a few tips to get him looking perfectly pristine.

Facial Hair

Despite your groom usually pulling off that ‘just rolled out of bed’, ragged look, on your wedding day it will not flatter the immaculate beauty of you, and he may one day regret the dodgy beard in years to come when looking back! On the morning of the wedding, your groom should preferably have a professional, salon shave. If not, it’s a good idea for him to place a hot towel on his face to soften the hair and open pores prior to shaving with a brand new blade.


If he doesn’t already, it’s a good idea for the groom to spend a little extra on his hair for his wedding day — it’s not an everyday occurrence! So looking up a high-end salon that can give him the perfect ‘do and professional advice on styling for the big day, is a great idea.


Manicures aren’t just for women; there are men’s manicures available too! His hands will be on show throughout the wedding day to showcase his wedding ring to guests as well as being in photo close-ups. To ensure your groom has clean, neat and short fingernails on your wedding day, let him be pampered with the best, most masculine manicure a few days before.


There is no doubt you will both a bit nervous on your wedding day, that is completely normal. So with adrenalin pumping through his body it won’t be a surprise if your groom breaks out in a little sweat. To prevent and help this situation, your groom could try wearing a loose, cotton shirt and ensure he wears a good quality antiperspirant to keep him dry and smelling fresh. It will also help if you ensure your venue is well ventilated in advance, the last thing you want is to be sweating it out in your wedding attire and have uncomfortable guests.


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