A-Z of Bridal Beauty

26 bridal beauty must-haves!


Our complete A-Z of bridal beauty ensures every bride will look truly beautiful on her wedding day. From expert beauty tips to wonder products that will change your life, read on to discover our extensive beauty guide...


A is for...Antioxidants

Stocking up on antioxidants will ensure your body is in prime condition to tackle potentially damaging oxidizing agents. You can boost your antioxidant intake by snacking on pecan nuts, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries, and sipping on healthy green tea.


B is for...Bridal Beauty Bag

Make sure you plan ahead and prepare a ‘bridal beauty bag’ filled with products to keep you looking fabulous all day long. A hydrating face mist, powder, lip gloss and mascara are good products to start with.


C is for...Concealing

Planning a wedding is stressful, and it can result in dark circles under your eyes and unsightly skin breakouts. Be prepared for this by investing in a good concealer to help even out your skin tone.


D is for...Diet

Be conscious of what you eat in the run up to your wedding to ensure you look your best. Cut back on fatty and sugary snacks, and instead graze on fruit and make sure you eat plenty of vegetables.


E is for...Exercise

A good health plan should include exercise. Working out helps you to shape up and also gives you an irresistible glow!


F is for...Friends

Include your friends in your wedding prep — visit a spa together or have a girls’ night out to forget wedding stress and laugh together! Taking time out to have fun will pay off.


G is for...Glow

User bronzer and a blush that suits your skin tone to create the perfect bridal glow. You can get a natural glow too with plenty of exercise and by staying hydrated.


H is for...Hair

Make sure your hair is at its best in the run up to your wedding by going for regular trims and treating your locks to a weekly conditioning mask. If you plan on coloring your hair, do it about a week before the big day so it has time to settle.


I is for...Inspiration

Find your dream wedding look and bring it to life. We have a wedding hair inspiration gallery filled with beautiful images. Save your favorites into your hitched.ca wedding scrapbook, to show your vendors.


J is for...Jewelry

Add some sparkle to your wedding day look by investing in stunning jewelry. A glittering tiara, delicate necklace or stylish earrings could completely transform your look.


K is for...Kissable

The first kiss as husband and wife is one of the biggest parts of a wedding. Prep your lips by using this supermodel tip: gently brush lip balm across your lips with an old toothbrush. The bristles exfoliate and remove dead skin, and the balm moisturizes!


L is for...Lashes

False lashes can add the glam factor to your look. Consider stick on ones for a temporary dose of glamour, or invest in lash extensions for a look that will last through to your honeymoon.


M is for...Manicure

Your hands will be on display a lot in your wedding pictures, showing off your new ring and clasped around your bouquet. Make sure your nails look their best — pick a pretty polish to show them off, or have a manicure for a professional finish. We love A Butterfly Moment by OPI.


N is for...New You

Whilst you want to look your best on your wedding day, you don’t want to look like a total stranger! Find vendors that understand your needs and take the time to have beauty trials to make sure you like the finished outcome. Visit our vendor section to find the right wedding vendor for you.


O is for...Outfit

Make sure you absolutely love your wedding outfit. You need to feel amazing in your dress, and have the perfect shoes and accessories to match. When you feel incredible on the inside, it shows on the outside! www.watters.com


P is for...Perfume

Invest in a special perfume to remind you of your wedding day. Wear this scent to everything wedding-related, such as fittings, cake tastings and your rehearsal as well as the day itself. Whenever you smell it in years to come you’ll instantly be taken back! Dolce and Gabbana ‘The One’ is appropriately named.


Q is for...Quit

Use your upcoming wedding as an excuse to transform your life. Quit any bad habits that could damage your health, such as smoking, drinking too much or indulging in too much junk food. Your body will thank you for it!


R is for...Radiant

Make sure you look radiant on your wedding day by taking care of your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturize, exfoliate once a week and use a primer beneath makeup to make your skin appear radiant.


S is for...Shoes

Killer heels are amazing, but grimacing in pain is not a good look. Ensure you can last all day long without a frown by keeping some back up flat pumps nearby in case your feet hurt. Break in your shoes before your wedding day to limit foot pain. www.arunaseth.com


T is for...Tan

Give yourself a golden glow for your wedding day the safe way, by applying fake tan or going for a spray tan. Exfoliate and moisturize before applying to minimize streaks and practise ahead of the day to make sure you look your best.


U is for...Underwear

When buying your wedding dress, ask the store assistant what sort of underwear they suggest wearing with that dress. Depending on your dress and body type, you could require a lot of support, or could get away with very little. Try any underwear on with your dress to make sure you feel comfortable.


V is for...Vitamins

Boost your health, hair, skin and nails by increasing your vitamin intake. A healthy balanced diet should give you what you need without having to rely on vitamin pills.


W is for...White Teeth

Don’t be afraid to flash your teeth when you smile. Brush regularly with a whitening tooth paste, or visit your dentist to find out more about getting a radiant white smile ahead of your wedding.


X is for...X-foliate

Exfoliating boosts circulation and removes dead skin — gently scrub your whole body once a week to make sure your skin is at its best and glowing!


Y is for...You-Time

Take some time out on your own every now and then! Go to an exercise class, take a long bath or lose yourself in a book; time to focus on yourself means you’ll feel calmer and relaxed.


Z is for...Zzz

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! Getting eight hours of sleep a night will give your body time to repair itself, and will help to minimize dark under-eye circles. It also means you’ll feel energized and ready to tackle anything that comes at you!


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