Key Events in History for Your Wedding Speech

Welcome to our key events section. When planning your wedding speech, you might want to include some fun facts from the year the bride and groom were born. To help you get started, take a look at these key events in history.

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Key Events from 1960

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  • The new National Gallery of Canada building opens in Ottawa
  • Seven-year-old Roger Woodward became the first person to accidentally fall over Horseshoe Falls and survive
  • The University of Calgary is founded

Key Events from 1961

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  • CTV, Canada's second major television network, begins broadcasting
  • Saskatchewan passes a bill creating Canada's first government run health system
  • The transatlantic telephone system is officially launched with a call from Elizabeth II to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker

Key Events from 1962

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  • Canada is the third power to reach space with the launch of scientific satellite
  • Alouette 1, Canada's first satellite is launched
  • The last three hangings in Canada take place

Key Events from 1963

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  • The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology opens
  • The Diefenbaker government collapses over the missile issue and an election is called
  • Lester Pearson becomes Prime Minister, replacing John Diefenbaker

Key Events from 1964

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  • Canadians are issued Social Insurance cards for the first time
  • Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh begin an eight-day visit to Canada
  • The bill creating the new Flag of Canada is passed in the House of Commons after much controversy

Key Events from 1965

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  • The Queen issues a Royal proclamation, effective February 15, making the Maple Leaf flag the National Flag of Canada.
  • Canadian Roman Catholic churches celebrate mass in the vernacular for the first time due to the reforms of Vatican II
  • Supermodel Linda Evangelista was born

Key Events from 1966

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  • The CBC becomes the first Canadian television network to broadcast in color
  • The Canada Pension Plan and the Quebec Pension Plan both begin operation
  • Star Trek premieres starring Montreal actor William Shatner

Key Events from 1967

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  • Lester B. Pearson announces he will step down as Prime Minister early in the next year
  • Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau proposes sweeping reforms that make homosexual acts legal in Canada
  • Mary Walker-Sawka becomes the first woman to be nominated as a candidate for the leadership of a federal political party

Key Events from 1968

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  • Pierre Trudeau becomes Prime Minister, replacing Lester B. Pearson
  • Singer, songwriter and actress Celine Dion is born
  • The flag of Alberta is authorized

Key Events from 1969

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  • The Official Languages Act makes French and English equal throughout the Canadian government
  • Homosexuality is decriminalized
  • An 18 month long strike by Quebec teachers comes to an end

Key Events from 1970

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  • The federal government announces plans to convert the nation to the metric system
  • Naomi Klein is born
  • The first Juno Awards for Canadian music are held

Key Events from 1971

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  • Prime Minister Trudeau weds Margaret Sinclair
  • Jack Davis becomes Canada's first Minister of the Environment, heading the new department of Environment Canada
  • Jacques Villeneuve is born

Key Events from 1972

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  • Canada's ban on cigarette advertisements on film, radio, and television goes into effect
  • Muriel McQueen Fergusson becomes the first female Speaker of the Canadian Senate
  • Canada and the United States sign the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

Key Events from 1973

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  • Montreal announces Canada's first lottery to help pay for the 1976 Summer Olympics
  • The Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific is established in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Actress Neve Campbell is born

Key Events from 1974

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  • The Canadian Stock Exchange merges with the Montreal Stock Exchange
  • Singer-songwriter, record producer and actress Alanis Morissette is born
  • The Global Television network begins broadcasting

Key Events from 1975

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  • Product labelling using the metric system is introduced
  • Singer and actor Michael Bublé is born
  • Federal government introduces wage and price controls to limit inflation

Key Events from 1976

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  • Over a million workers stage a one day strike to protest wage and price controls
  • The Supreme Court rules provinces cannot censor movies
  • Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother actress Sarah Chalke is born

Key Events from 1977

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  • Elizabeth II tours Canada as part of her Silver Jubilee goodwill tour
  • All Canadian road signs are converted to metric units
  • The Charter of the French Language is passed by the Parti Québécois

Key Events from 1978

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  • Cosmos 954 - a Soviet satellite - breaks up over Northern Canada
  • Singer Nelly Furtado is born
  • Royal Pains actor Paulo Costanzo is born

Key Events from 1979

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  • Joe Clark becomes Canada's sixteenth and youngest ever, prime minister
  • The first Winterlude is held in Ottawa
  • Lost actress Evangeline Lilly is born

Key Events from 1980

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  • Jeanne Sauvé becomes first woman Speaker of the House of Commons
  • Elizabeth II augments the coat of arms of Alberta with a crest and supporters
  • "O Canada" becomes the official national anthem

Key Events from 1981

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  • Gasoline and diesel are sold by the litre rather than the gallon
  • Quebec's French language sign law comes into effect
  • Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen is born

Key Events from 1982

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  • Bertha Wilson is appointed Canada's first female Supreme Court justice
  • Karen Baldwin is crowned Miss Universe in Lima, Peru, becoming the first Canadian to win this award
  • Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk is born

Key Events from 1983

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  • The metric system of weights and measures is officially adopted by the federal government
  • Jeanne Sauvé is appointed Canada's first female Governor General
  • Chef and the host of Food Network Canada's The Main, Anthony Sedlak is born

Key Events from 1984

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  • Pope John Paul II tours Canada
  • Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian in space, aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger
  • James Cameron's The Terminator leads the Canadian director to international fame

Key Events from 1985

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  • David Peterson becomes premier of Ontario, replacing Frank Miller
  • The Canadian Encyclopaedia is launched
  • The federal government relaxes laws requiring businesses to use the metric system

Key Events from 1986

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  • Bill Vander Zalm becomes premier of British Columbia, replacing Bill Bennett
  • Shirley Carr becomes the first female head of the Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • Canada receives a United Nations award for sheltering refugees

Key Events from 1987

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  • Montreal is hit by a series of severe thunderstorms during the Montreal Flood of 1987
  • Rick Hansen returns home to Vancouver after his Man in Motion world tour
  • Pope John Paul II visits the Northwest Territories

Key Events from 1988

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  • All rail service is terminated in Newfoundland after CN Rail abandons its historic rail lines on the island operated by its Terra Transport subsidiary
  • Svend Robinson becomes Canada's first Member of Parliament to come out as homosexual
  • The new National Gallery of Canada building opens in Ottawa

Key Events from 1989

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  • Thomas Rideout becomes premier of Newfoundland, replacing Brian Peckford
  • Actress and singer-song writer Cassie Steele is born
  • All rail service is terminated in Prince Edward Island after CN Rail abandons its historic rail lines in the province

Key Events from 1990

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  • Stanley Charles Waters is the first elected senator
  • Ramon John Hnatyshyn replaces Jeanne Sauvé as governor general
  • Jean Chrétien elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada at a leadership convention held in Calgary

Key Events from 1991

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  • James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day is released. It is the year's highest grossing film
  • The process leading to the privatization of Petro-Canada is begins
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor Devon Bostick is born

Key Events from 1992

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  • Dr. Roberta Bondar becomes the first Canadian woman in space
  • Official opening of celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Montreal
  • Ice hockey goaltender Calvin Pickard is born

Key Events from 1993

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  • Brian Mulroney announces his plan to resign as Prime Minister
  • Singer-song-writer Alyssa Reid is born
  • Kim Campbell becomes Prime Minister, replacing Brian Mulroney. She is the first woman to be the country's head of government

Key Events from 1994

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  • One of the coldest winters on record hits much of Canada
  • Singer Justin Bieber is born
  • Canadian troops leave CFB Lahr, ending the Canadian armed forces presence in Europe

Key Events from 1995

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  • The opening of Parliament is televised for the first time
  • A strict new gun control law is passed banning most handguns and forcing all rifles to be registered
  • Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill released