Speech Delivery Tips

Welcome to our speech delivery tips section. Welcome to our speech delivery section – offering you hints, tips and advice on how to deliver the perfect wedding speech.

Read or Memorize?

The decision of whether to read your speech out or to memorize it is up to you. If you feel confident in being able to remember your speech or if you are worried about shaky hands then memorizing could be the best option for you. But if you feel unsure of whether you could memorize your words then don’t put any additional pressure on yourself, have it written down or use cue cards to help you remember.


A simple but effective one! Practice your wedding speech from start to finish, this will help you gauge the speed and tone of your speech.

Slow Down

You may naturally try to rush through your speech – especially if you are feeling nervous – but take your time, if you make a joke then pause for laughter. You will find slowing your speech down will actually make you feel calmer.

Body Language

Your body language can have just as much meaning as your words, keep your arms un-folded and hold your head up so you make eye contact with the audience.

Dealing with Interruptions

If someone interrupts your speech then take a moment to collect your thoughts. You may even find a bit of audience interaction makes you feel calmer.


It may be tempting to have a few drinks to steady your nerves, but try and keep a clear head and limit that to just one drink.

The Audience

Remember that the audience isn’t there to critique you, they are on your side and want you to do well, so relax and enjoy yourself!