Chelsey & Steven's Real Wedding

Chelsey and Steven had known each other all their lives, with Chelsey’s mom even being Steven’s 2nd grade teacher. As adults romance blossomed and after 5 years together Steven proposed to Chelsey with a custom-designed ring he managed to have designed without Chelsey realizing.

Steven & Chelsey-The Couple

The couple got engaged when travelling through Lombok, Indonesia. Steven had the custom-designed ring hidden safely away in a secret compartment in his backpack, waiting for the perfect time. It actually took him 5 weeks of carrying the ring around with him to choose his ideal moment. The couple were then engaged for two years while they planned their dream wedding day.

Steven & Chelsey's Wedding on 28 Jul 2012

Photography by: Tricia Victoria Photography

Wedding venue: Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Steven & Chelsey's supplier list

Photography by:  Tricia Victoria Photography