Ashley & Andrew's Real Wedding

Ashley & Andrew's Real Wedding - The Wonderful Wedding Cake

The Wonderful Wedding Cake

Andrew and Ashley had an amazing wedding cake, which was After Eight mint chocolate cake! The cake had four tiers, although only one was real, which ensured nothing was wasted. It was decorated with white icing and chocolate brown detailing, with a blue ribbon wrapped around each tier.

The cake came from Simply Sweet, and was topped with two wolves for a quirky take on the traditional cake topper. The cake was cut up and served to the bridal party and immediate family.

After their beautiful wedding, Ashley and Andrew went on honeymoon to Australia so they could both see the coral reefs. They had lots of time to relax and to enjoy each other’s company as husband and wife in such a beautiful country!

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Ashley & Andrew-Ashley and Andrew
Ashley & Andrew-Sophia Tolli Wedding Dress
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Ashley & Andrew-The Wonderful Wedding Cake
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Ashley & Andrew's Real Wedding on 28 Jul 2012

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Cakes by:  Simply Sweet
Photography by:  Debbie Wong Photography