Hitched roles is here to make sure that everyone involved in your big day knows exactly where to be and what to do. For friends and family, the opportunity to become involved in the wedding is a chance to show you just how much they love and care for both the bride and the groom.

Being part of a wedding is a huge responsibility and each and every person must fully understand their duties for the day. This section is dedicated to giving all those involved detailed guidelines and timetables so that they can approach the big day full of confidence and ready to make you proud.

The Best Man

The best man is there to support the groom throughout the whole wedding process. Primarily he is responsible for bearing the rings but also for lending a helpful hand when taking care of everyday duties such as deliveries or pick-ups. The best man will help the groom to select ushers and offer advice to the groom to help him be fully prepared for the wedding day, and of course, he will deliver the final speech at the wedding reception. The best man is commonly in charge of organizing the stag night for the groom and his friends and family which is his chance to really shine and give his best mate a party he will never forget. >> More

The Ushers

The Ushers are traditionally chosen by the groom and his best man and are commonly close friends or related to the groom through family. The Ushers are often guided by the best man and are responsible for small, but still very important, duties such as escorting guests to their seats. >> More

Maid of Honour

The Chief Bridesmaid or, as she is more commonly know as, the maid of honor, is there to hold your hand throughout the lead up to the wedding and the big day. She is usually a sister or a very close friend and her duties involve being in charge of the other bridesmaids, helping with the dresses (including helping you choose your wedding dress) and taking part in the reception just to name a few. >> More


Similar to the chief bridesmaid, a bridesmaid is normally a close friend or sister of the bride. The bridesmaids work together with the bride and her maid of honor when selecting dresses and taking part in the ceremony. You are all jointly responsible for supporting the bride and making sure she feels relaxed and looks beautiful on the big day! >> More