Why Wedding Insurance is so Important
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Why Wedding Insurance is so Important

Published: 20 Dec 2011 - in organising and planning
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When you’re planning your wedding and your budget is looking like it could spiral out of control, you may be tempted to disregard wedding insurance, thinking that it is just another cost that you really could do without. However, unless you’ve got a crystal ball, all manner of things could go wrong before your wedding, which could leave you severely out of pocket, possibly in debt, and cursing yourself for taking a chance on something so important.


A basic wedding guard insurance can keep your mind at rest should anything unforeseen happen. The policies don’t pay out if the bride and groom simply change their minds about getting married, but generally include the following items:

Failure to Hold The Wedding and Reception

This is when the wedding itself didn’t take place because of the following reasons:

  • Illness — either the bride or groom or immediate bridal party were too ill to attend
  • Death or injury
  • Unemployment
  • Jury service
  • Sudden posting abroad
  • The venue burnt down or closed

In any of these cases deposits would be reimbursed that had been paid on such items as catering transport, accommodation, flowers, dresses etc.

Wedding Photos or Video

Supposing the photographer didn’t show up or his equipment failed. The insurance allows for a re-take of the photos and the cost of the video if it wasn’t able to be produced.

Bridal Attire

This covers any damage to the wedding dress once it is in the hands of the bride. It also covers the possibility of the wedding shop going into closure.

Wedding Presents

Imagine if you and your guests were enjoying the celebrations and a burglar broke into your property and stole all of the wedding gifts. Insurance covers this type of eventuality too.

Honeymoon Cancellation

The insurance will usually reimburse any pre-paid or non refundable costs of travel, should the wedding be cancelled.

Service providers

The insurance will reimburse deposits paid for service providers or booked goods, and will also pay out if booked entertainment fails to turn up.

Policies which cover the above can start at around $100 and increase according to the scale of your wedding and the costs involved. Whilst no-one wants to think about anything going wrong, with the amount of expenditure involved in even a small wedding, it makes sense to keep your bases covered.

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