Tips for Getting Married Abroad
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Tips for Getting Married Abroad

Published: 20 Jan 2012 - in honeymoon articles
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If you have always fancied getting married abroad but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Planning a wedding abroad should be no more complex than planning a wedding at home. All it takes is research and planning — with these two things you will be able to get started in planning a wedding abroad that is personal to you and that is talked about and remembered for years to come. The difficulty is just knowing where to begin...


Couples that get married abroad tend to end up spreading the wedding out over a number of days rather than just the one — this allows you to really make the most of wherever in the world you may be. After all, this is your day so why not make it extra special!

You may already have a vague idea of a few countries you would like to get married in — research your ideas, speak to family and friends about them, they may have previous experiences and visit tourist websites for information.

Ensure the ‘where’ and ‘when’s’ of your wedding are relative to each other — you don’t want to end up jetting off to the white sands of Fiji only to be married on a soggy beach in the middle of their rain season!

Once you have chosen your destination, ensure you research in detail the legal requirements of getting married in the country, you must make sure that you can possess the correct paperwork before you book anything.

Consider the type and style of wedding you want to have — will it be a very small, intimate occasion with only immediate family or would you prefer a larger wedding that includes family and friends? It is important to remember it is likely that the further your wedding destination is from home, the lower the guest acceptance rate — it may be helpful for everybody if you consider the cost of travel and expenditure for your guests.

Why not book a videographer so that any loved ones that could not attend the ceremony can still experience your day.

Brides — ensure you choose a suitable dress for the destination of your wedding; you don’t want to end up scorching hot sweating it out in long sleeves or so cold that your lips turn blue for the photos! Do purchase a protective box to put your dress in so that it stays safe when travelling too.

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