Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker
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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

Published: 20 Dec 2011 - in cakes
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Apart from the wedding dress, the wedding cake is often the next most eagerly awaited item of the reception, so it’s important to get it right. With that in mind, what questions should you ask your cake maker?


Are you available on my wedding date?

It kind of makes sense to see if the cake maker is available for your wedding date before you ask any further questions and waste each other’s time.

What experience do you have?

You need to get some idea of how many cakes she or he has designed and made. Naturally everyone has to start somewhere, but if you’ve got some pretty grand ideas for your cake, you wouldn’t want to be someone’s first cake would you. Generally, your cake maker should be keen to show you a portfolio of their cakes, whether it be in a book or on a website. Do ask whether the cakes you are viewing have been made and decorated by the cake maker themselves.

What Does the Price Include?

All cake makers charge differently. Some may quote an ‘all in price’ which includes a tasting and design, right through to delivery and set up. Others may provide you with a set price for the basic cake and then additional charges for the decoration, delivery, assembly and so on. Cakes are sometimes priced for each individual tier or, as is usually the case, per serving. You might find a tasting session is included in the price but otherwise there may be a charge for it, if you decide to order.

Serving Requirements

Ask them how many servings each tier will produce. As a rule you only need wedding cake slices which are considerably smaller than a serving which might be provided for a birthday party, for instance.


You need to ask how much deposit is needed (usually it is around 50% and is normally non refundable). The deposit is put towards the ingredients for your cake and also guarantees your ‘slot’ with that baker. You also need to find out when the final payment is due and what their refund policy is, if they have to cancel.


You need to ascertain whether the price of cake stands, cutters and toppers is included or whether that is an additional charge.

Written Proposal

Ask if they provide a written proposal and whether any sort of refund or guarantee is offered if you’re not pleased with the cake.


Finally, ask whether they have any brides who can provide references or testimonials.

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