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Wedding Speeches

Welcome to the wedding speeches section here on! Packed full with ideas for your wedding speech, including quotes, key events in history and tips on how to deliver your wedding speech.

The Best Man Speeches

Best Man's Speech

Speech delivery tips

One of the most anticipated speeches of the day is the best man’s speech. If you are giving a best man speech then you want to keep it light hearted and fun, as well as adding a little bit of sentimentality. Start by introducing yourself and how you got to know the happy couple for those guests that don’t know you.

The Groom Speeches

The groom’s speech should be heartfelt and be about thanking those people who have given extra help and support during the wedding planning process. The speech traditionally finishes with the groom sharing his excitement about his new married life and finally by thanking the groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride's Speech

One of the most emotional speeches of the day is the father of the bride speech. You may want to share an anecdote or two about your daughter growing up, followed by how you first met the groom. It is traditional to finish with a toast and wishing the newlyweds a happy life together.

Bride Speeches

Bride's speech

It’s not traditional for the bride to make a speech on the big day, however more and more brides are wishing to stand up on their day and say a few words. The bride’s speech tends to follow to same pattern as the grooms speech, with special thank-yous and mentions as well as sharing how happy you are to start your new life.


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