Wedding Gift List

Planning your wedding gift list will be one of the most fun parts of your wedding planning and even better – it shouldn’t cost you a penny.

Before you decide on your wedding gift list, think about what you really need from your list, do you need some help with your honeymoon costs? Or would you like to give your home décor a makeover? There’s also no reason you can’t have a range of gift lists to give your guests a choice – such as a charity gift list and a honeymoon fund.

To help you decide which type of gift list is perfect for you, take a look at some of the pros and cons of the most popular options.

In Store Gift List

An in-store or department store gift list will mean you pick all your gifts from one store and include details of your gift list on inserts in your wedding invites, guests can then purchase gifts in store or online.

Pros: An in-store gift list can be a great versatile option, guests who aren’t as online savvy will be able to go into store and buy a gift and your tech-happy guests can purchase online.

Cons: If you stick to just an in-store gift list then all your items will need to come from that particular store. To get some variety try and target shops that stock a variety of brands.

Online Gift List

You will find a variety of online gift lists that allow you to pick gifts from a variety of different shops and list them in one simple place.

Pros: If you are looking for variety then the online gift list is for you, you can pick from a wide range of shops and pick and choose what you want to include.

Cons: Guests who aren’t as tech-savvy might find an online only gift list a little bit of a challenge.

Honeymoon Gift List

A honeymoon gift list allows your guests to make contributions to the cost of your honeymoon or for activities/trips and meals out during your honeymoon.

Pros: After paying for your wedding, some financial help with your honeymoon will be a very welcome addition to your bank account!

Cons: More traditional guests may miss the idea of giving a gift so be prepared some guests may still opt to choose a gift for you.

Charity Gift List

If you have everything you need at home and you have the honeymoon covered then a charity gift list allows you to donate the good cause of your choice.

Pros: You can get that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you have given something back and it can be a great way to highlight a charity that is close to your heart.

Cons: Much like a honeymoon gift list, there will still be more traditional guests that would prefer to give you a gift.